128-Trappist Update?

Eighty two episodes ago we sat down for a session that has become one of our favorite recordings to date. We sampled all the Trappist beers there were to offer. Since then several breweries have been added to the list. We couldn’t resist the urge to sample the newest monks on the block. Of course we didn’t want to sample them alone. We just had to have some of our network hosts along for the ride.


Since the dawn of time every living thing has to eat, and if it eats it excretes. It has been a journey down the pipes of history making stops at every restroom we could find. Chris and Joe take a deep dive into the cesspool that is the toilet.

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125-Fort Carroll?

A long abandoned fort lies in the middle of the Patapsco river in the shadow of the Key Bridge. Just at the Baltimore line, it stands guardian to the inner harbor and the port of the city. Unlike some of it’s sister forts, Fort Carroll is long abandoned by humans leaving room for it’s new avian inhabitants. So come with us on our journey to the solitary Fort Carroll.


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What do you do when you hear about a alcohol that is described as tasting like a burnt condom filled with gasoline? You find the closest place they sell it and pick some up. Then you go share it with your friends. We had such and adventure just searching for this elusive Chicagoan drink that we couldn’t wait to try it. This liquor is so packed with flavor we had to have two guests to contain it.

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 A Waltz for Old Jeppson (Carl’s Theme) by Archie Powell and The Exports used by permission.