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We are no stranger to anise flavored drinks. We have an entire episode on absinthe. Ouzo however is one liquor that intrigued us. It turns out even though it is a fairly young alcohol it has lots of relatives that much older. Over all we really enjoued ouzo and we hope you will too. Stin iyia mas!


We both have been chewing a lot of gum recently and when the idea came to us “Where does this stuff come from?”. Little did we know that gum has a past that predates recorded history. So sit back and listen to us burst your bubble.

128-Trappist Update?

Eighty two episodes ago we sat down for a session that has become one of our favorite recordings to date. We sampled all the Trappist beers there were to offer. Since then several breweries have been added to the list. We couldn’t resist the urge to sample the newest monks on the block. Of course we didn’t want to sample them alone. We just had to have some of our network hosts along for the ride.