130-Magic Items?

We have been playing some D&D recently and it sparked an idea to talk about some real world magic items. After having this discussion we realized that almost all of these recipes require dead body parts. Not the easiest thing to gather. So maybe we will just leave these magic items to history and the museums they can been viewed.

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128-Trappist Update?

Eighty two episodes ago we sat down for a session that has become one of our favorite recordings to date. We sampled all the Trappist beers there were to offer. Since then several breweries have been added to the list. We couldn’t resist the urge to sample the newest monks on the block. Of course we didn’t want to sample them alone. We just had to have some of our network hosts along for the ride.

127-Blackest Black?

Months ago we came across this video of a black paint that was so dark it looked like a hole when painted on a surface. We immediately added it to the pile of topics we wanted to cover. Although the absolutely blackest substance is restricted to a few selective people there are recent developments in a retail black paint that comes very close. We did’t expect to see the color pink make an entrance but it does with grand style.

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