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134-Pink Sauce?

Vivid colors fascinate us. The bright colors we take from the world around us we want to duplicate, wear and paint on ourselves and positions. The more vibrant the color, the more eye-catching. Today we talk about one of those colors that has been used in a flavorful sauce. Do vibrant colors and vibrant tastes make a winning combination? Find out on this episode where we discuss Pink Sauce!


We are no stranger to anise flavored drinks. We have an entire episode on absinthe. Ouzo however is one liquor that intrigued us. It turns out even though it is a fairly young alcohol it has lots of relatives that much older. Over all we really enjoued ouzo and we hope you will too. Stin iyia mas!


We both have been chewing a lot of gum recently and when the idea came to us “Where does this stuff come from?”. Little did we know that gum has a past that predates recorded history. So sit back and listen to us burst your bubble.

130-Magic Items?

We have been playing some D&D recently and it sparked an idea to talk about some real world magic items. After having this discussion we realized that almost all of these recipes require dead body parts. Not the easiest thing to gather. So maybe we will just leave these magic items to history and the museums they can been viewed.