The adorable tropical American mammal known as sloths were named after one of the seven deadly sins because of their lethargic demeanor. However, their slow movements are a way to conserve energy until it’s needed. They can move surprisingly fast when evading predators. They’re lethargic on the outside, but hiding a surprising inner burst.

We could think of no better mascot for our podcast network. In this modern era where podcasts are abundant, our shows may seem like just another lazy distraction. But listening to them will quickly transport you to a new realm, like a sloth sprinting away from a hungry harpy eagle.

The Curioso

The Curioso is a biweekly podcast cohosted by Christopher Scarborough and Joseph Taylor. In this podcast we talk about the things that made us curious as children, the things that make us curious as adults, and try to make sense of these mysteries. We like to discuss bizarre occurrences and forgotten history.

Hobo Radio

HoboTrashcan editor Joel Murphy and his longtime friend Lars Periwinkle discuss the latest in pop culture and their lives. With a slew of celebrity interviews under his belt and his access to television and movie screeners, Joel offers a knowledgeable perspective on pop culture while Lars is the voice of the people … provided that the people are really into Batman, Doctor Who and Star Wars.

Silver Linings Playback

All bad films have a silver lining. At least, that’s the theory Joel Murphy and Andy McIntyre are hoping to prove in this new podcast. Murphy and McIntyre are revisiting maligned films and seeing what good they can find in them.

We Have to Ask

Assisted by their guests, Jonathan and Marty bring new insights and serious discussion to topics that don’t get enough attention. For some reason, our RSS feed is only able to pull one podcast episode from each dimension where Marty and Jonathan podcast together.