Silver Linings Playback Gon’ Give It to Ya

Joel Murphy and Andy McIntyre have a theory that any movie can be improved by using DMX’s hit “X Gon’ Give It to Ya.” This video puts that theory to the test.

Podcast audio taken from Silver Linings Playback 63 – Cradle 2 the Grave. Subscribe to the podcast here:

Hobo Radio 567 – Beskar, Grogu and Prowse

Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle talk about a wide range of Star Wars topics this week, including the life of David Prowse (who played Darth Vader in the original trilogy), Baby Yoda’s name reveal in The Mandalorian and whether or not beskar is the strongest fictional metal.

This week’s music:

  • Intro – “Giddy Up” by Tahuna Breaks
  • End – “Sleigh Ride” by Mambo Zombies

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