072-7 Deadly Sins?

Sin is the act of violating God’s will. But there are se7en cardinal or capital sins that are just the worst. Each cardinal sin with it’s own demon and punishment associated with it in hell. These arn’t your tiny, nondescript venial sins. These sins are the big leagues: Pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed and sloth.

We want to thank Joel “Murphdog” Murphy and Lars “Big Vinegar” Periwinkle from Hobo Radio for recording this episode with us! To hear us on Hobo Radio’s show and the second half click here!

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Hobo Radio 370 – Scribbles and ding dongs

Forget Bones and Sleepy Hollow. The real can’t-miss crossover event of the season is Hobo Radio and The Curioso Podcast.

That’s right, Joel Murphy and Lars Periwinkle are once again joined by Christopher Scarborough and Joe Taylor of The Curioso. They talk memorable costumes, Superman’s penis and Joe’s surprising weight loss.

What are Chris and Joe dressing as for Halloween? What will futuristic conspiracy theorists collect instead of newspapers? Why can’t Chris stop talking about crystals? The answers to these questions and more are in this week’s podcast.

Make sure to go to The Curioso tomorrow to hear part two of this epic crossover event.

This week’s music:

  • Intro – “Giddy Up” by Tahuna Breaks
  • End – “Halloween” by The Coffinshakers


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071-Horror Bands?

Music is a major part of all our lives. So this Halloween listen to us talk about all the music inspired by the season. Let us help you find the perfect soundtrack to your frightful festivity.

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We want to thank Jon from Freestate Custom Guitars for joining us!

Author Ron Malfi

Author Ron Malfi

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