Experts of Cryptozoology!

Cryptozoology, psychic phenomena, lights in the sky, how COACH lasted 9 seasons... There are some things that can't be explained. So we're here to explain them! Special thanks to our Experts Brad Bukowsky, Justin Getka, Kristina Green, Seth Adam Kallick, Mark Miller, Michael Ridgaway!

Experts of Horror!

Happy October! We've had a tradition each year of picking the scariest topics each October to celebrate Halloween, so this month we're going to post weekly and drag those episodes from the grave! We start off with our first ever theme episode from back in 2012, launching our second season. We explore horrors both real and imagined, including the bar tabs at the end of the night! Shawn Jones, Seth Kallick, Chris LaMartina, Mike Moran, Allyson Washington, Erique Watson, Michael Ziccardi, and Doctor Dalek!

Experts of Amusement Parks!

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, kids of all ages (not suitable for all ages)! This time around we discuss the vacation destinations peppered all over this great land of ours, amusement parks! Strap in, don't look at the carnies, and enjoy the ride! Your carnival barkers this time around are Brad Bukowsky, Chris Hudson, Lars Periwinkle, Bryan Preston, Michael Ridgaway, and Mattie Rogers-Kroiz.

Experts of Drugs!

Late on another Sunday night we reflected way back to Saturday morning. Not a recent one, hung over and hating the world, but to the ones from our childhood full of magic and merchandising! Sit down in front of your set, break out some cereal, and listen to our guests Brad Bukowsky, Craig Colletta, Jesse Cumor, Erin Fox, Chaz Kedelsa, Bryan Preston!

Experts of Drugs!

It's high time we got around to one of the biggest sources of creativity as well as such a huge part of the Baltimore economy. That's right, we're going to learn as much as we can remember about drugs! DARE to listen to this month's experts: Kathy Carson, Matthew Casella, Chris Hudson, Chaz Kedezla, Rosalind Paris, and Michael Ziccardi.