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Experts of American Cuisine!

From deep fried Twinkies to Rochester garbage plates, America is the melting pot of just about anything you can melt in a pot, toss in some hot oil, then smother with some sort of overpowering combo sauce. Instead of assaulting your arteries, we offer the chance to clog your ears with all the best food that will probably kill you. Your gourmonds this month are Matthew Casella, Dorian Gray, Matt Lake, Michael Ridgaway, Ian Salyers, and Allyson Washington.

Experts of Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Once in every generation (if a generation is a year) an episode is born of horror and comedy. This Halloween we are bringing you the Experts of the shared universes of Buffy and Angel! And as usual we leave a smoking hole where the WindUp was by the end of the show! Your Scooby Gang this month around are Brad Bukowsky, Erin Fox, Virginia Lynn, Chris Scarborough, Heiko Spieker, and Cori Summers.

Experts of X-Files!

The truth is never in any of our episodes, but there's always plenty of long winded conspiracies, half-truths, and heavy speculation, so it's no wonder we did this episode all about the X-Files! Our guests featured this episode are Erin Fox, Eric Glaeser, Shawn Jones, Meg Mercieca, Mike Smith, and Michael Ziccardi!

Experts of Horror!

Happy October! We've had a tradition each year of picking the scariest topics each October to celebrate Halloween, so this month we're going to post weekly and drag those episodes from the grave! We start off with our first ever theme episode from back in 2012, launching our second season. We explore horrors both real and imagined, including the bar tabs at the end of the night! Shawn Jones, Seth Kallick, Chris LaMartina, Mike Moran, Allyson Washington, Erique Watson, Michael Ziccardi, and Doctor Dalek!