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We have recorded episodes about several alcohols and their mixers but have, until this moment, largely ignored a cocktail staple, bitters. Bitter herbs have been used medicinally for centuries but have had a bit of a roller coaster ride in the last 200 years. They became extremely popular during the 1800’s with the advent of cocktail parties, to virtually disappearing with America’s prohibition period. Although a few have stood steadfast in that time many new bitter making companies are popping up. Sometimes what you need is that old-timey flavor in today’s day and age. So don’t be bitter, just try some in your next cocktail.

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Icewine or in Germany Eiswein is a specialty desert wine of extraordinary character. It is categorized as a desert wine because of its sweet taste. Icewine needs to be made late past the harvest season when the grapes freeze on the vine. Typically the grapes are harvested in subzero temperatures in the early morning hours. The grapes also need to be pressed while frozen to ensure only the sweetest nectar of the berries are used. We talk about icewine and taste a little of this amazing treat on today’s Curioso.

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